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Salary and benefits

The development of the company always adheres to the people-oriented management philosophy, focuses on employee training and growth, and achieves synchronous development between employee growth and the company's development planning goals; Reformed and improved incentive mechanisms, established a relatively scientific employee input-output evaluation system; Establish a talent selection and appointment system that is open, fair, competitive, and based on merit, and create an environment for outstanding talents to stand out

Basic salary+performance bonus

Web Brand Designer

Web Brand Designer

Familiar with using Aodbe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, FreeHand

Experience in brand, logo, and advertising creativity is preferred.

Priority is given to those who have a strong sensitivity to color impact.

Priority given to designers of relevant large brands.

Network System Engineer

Network System Engineer

Proficient in basic operations of Cisco, Fortigate, TPLink devices, as well as VPN creation.

Proficient in Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac optimization, and security reinforcement.

Proficient in cloud hosting, VPS, Hosting, WHM, CPanel operation upgrades and backup migration.

Familiar with DDOS, CC attack principles and security reinforcement.

PHP development engineer

PHP development engineer

Familiar with Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart Priority will be given to open source systems,

Domestic Thinkphp, ECSHOP, and DECMS users are all available.

Proficient in using PHP+MySQL+Javascript+Ajax for website development.

Familiar with basic operations of Linux, Unix, Mac, SVN, CVS version control experience is preferred.

Front end development engineer

Front end development engineer

Proficient in using Adobe Dreamweaver, Editplus, Notepad++,

Manual code writing using Eclipse for PHP, etc.

Proficient in converting Aodbe Photoshop graphics into HTML5 code.

Familiar with JavaScript, Ajax, and Jason operators are preferred.

Experience in creating large-scale websites is preferred.

APP mobile application development

APP mobile application development

Proficient in using Mac OS and Object c to develop iPhone and iPad apps,

IWatch app and go online to the app store

Proficient in using Windows and Java to develop apps and launch them on Google Play Store

Priority given to those with relevant case production experience.

JAVA Development Engineer

JAVA Development Engineer

Familiar with Adempiere, Compeere, Openbravo, and other open-source ERP systems are preferred.

Proficient in using Oracle+Eclipse+JDK for ERP, B/S, C/S structure and function development.

Familiar with Oracle performance improvement and optimization acceleration.

Familiar with Linux, Unix, Mac basic operations, SVN version control experience is preferred.

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